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Chapter. 1 - In the Blood
Days seemed to blend into together. Time was nonexistent to them, though Iago had mentioned that it had been five years since they arrived in the spire; a number of rests ago.
She listened to the breeze blow into the empty spire she and her twin lived in like a howling ghost, her eyes glanced at the metal bars enchanted with strong magic as she sat on the pile of clothes she called a bed. Their cages was sparsely decorated, with nothing more to entertain oneself with other than a few worn books and broken toys.
They were use to the cells they lived in -- use to the shackles that chafed their neck, ankles and wrists, use to sleeping on the pile of cloths, use to the sack of slightly moldy food and water skins that was sent down to them by the men who were for some reason terrified of them but never really thought into why.
When they were just toddlers, people had tried to steal them away and they killed their mother in the process. So Father hid them down here to keep them
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Chapter. 2 - Best Friends
   Months had passed, and through them, Andromeda began to become more active, crawling out of her cradle, and wandering around the nest. She ate her first semi solid, chewed up regurgitated fish, and she ate it with eagerness. She had not yet fly like her caretakers so she was restricted to the ground level of the nest, but thanks to watching the other hatchlings in the nest, but she found safe paths that lead her to the upper levels. During the months, the female Stormcutter that took Andromeda to the nest had a small clutch of eggs.  When Andromeda reached the age of 2, she was finally learning how to fly and it was the day for the eggs to hatch. The female Stormcutter sat by the eggs waiting to see the slightest of movement when she saw Andromeda scuttle up to her nest. She looked at her with dilated eyes, flared frills, and a tilled head of curiosity.
She warbled, giving Andromeda a  purr and a nudge before looking back at the clutch, noticing one of her eggs w
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Chapter. 1 - The New Addition
These are the Southern islands, its cold seven months out of the year and freezing the other five. Food is scarce to come by, but life seems to flourish in this desolate wasteland, in the form… of dragons… My name is Andromeda Albright and this is my home, ruled over by my father, the Alpha. I live in a flock of millions, each dragon is like family to me, we look after each other, and we all follow my father's command. In this story, I have to tell...I shall start at the beginning. When I was just a hatchling, my father only had a few thousands under his rule, and my mother was bringing me back...from a dangerous place......
The female Stormcutter flew far, carrying the cradle carefully in her talons as the small creature inside cooed softly. Her head would occasionally look down at it as it wiggled in the blankets that covered it. She didn’t know why she took the hatchling, it was only instincts; she needed to protect it and only way was to take it home; she f
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Chapter.2- Forced Back
The morning sun slowly rose into the once night sky, the nocturnal Pokemon when back to their nests to sleep until another night, while the Pokemon who are awake during  the day started to arise. Starlys and Staravias  began to sing their serenades to greet the new morning. Deerlings and Sawsbucks nibbled on the dew-covered grass, while Combees  began to gather nectar to bring back to their hives. Swannas floated upon  the lake water, while Magicarps, Horseas and Seadras swam below. Everything and everyone in Sinnoh seem to be at peace, well, not everyone.
  Meanwhile in  deepest, darkest cave in the Reverse World, a small drop of water drips down from a stalactite  hanging high on the cave ceiling and falls onto Eli’s scaly face, (…Ugh…), she blinked a couple of times before looking around, (Where…am I?). It took her a while to remember the events that happened, (My body!), She looked at herself, her new body now was very l
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Chapter.1- Altered Destiny
(Awaken…Elizabeth. It is time for you to fulfill your purpose.)
A light shined on Eli‘s face, “Zzzz….zzz…zz-ugh…huh…” She sat herself up, and gave out a yawn as she rubbed her eyes, groggily,”….Is…it time for school?”
(No…human. What I have planned for you is much more important.)
Eli looked around and then quickly noticed, she wasn’t in her room, heck, she wasn’t even in her own home. The area she was in was indescribable, the best she could tell of is that it was like she was in space, she quickly jumped to her feet, “ Where am I?! What is this place?!”
(Calm yourself, human. Everything will be alright.)
“Huh? Who…said that?”, Eli looked around trying to find to source of the mysterious voice.
(I did.)
Suddenly, there was a sudden flash of light; Eli covered her eyes to prevent herself from being blinded by the intense
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